Pro Agility Test Overview

Pro Agility Test Overview (aka “20-yard shuttle” or “5-10-5”)

Pro Agility Test notes:

  • 3 parallel lines, 5 yards apart.
  • Athlete straddles middle line in 3 or 4 point stance.
  • Athlete sprints (not shuffle) throughout the test.
  • Order of test:
    • Run left (touch line)
    • Run right (touch line)
    • Run left (cross middle line)
  • Foot must contact lines (hand contact not necessary according to NSCA Essentials of Strength Training & Conditioning 3rd edition p.265).
  • 2 attempts made.
  • Best time recorded to nearest 0.01 second.

Test your knowledge: Pro Agility Test quiz

Videos on improving Pro Agility Test performance:

Test your knowledge: Pro Agility Test quiz

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