CSCS comprehensive question sets are designed to test your knowledge of various scientific foundations and practical / applied sections of the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification exam. Since strength and conditioning coaches generally work in an environment in which scientific principles are applied to athlete training, you’ll need to be able to apply your knowledge in the real world.

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CSCS Comprehensive Question Set #1
Jane is an 18-year-old female, collegiate swimmer who has been resistance training for the past five years. She weighs 120 pounds, is 64 inches tall, and her current resistance training goal is muscle hypertrophy. Today is the first day of a new 12-week resistance training regimen. Over the course of this program, Jane hopes to gain several pounds of lean muscle mass. Jane’s first resistance training exercise for the day is the flat barbell bench press. Jane’s 1RM on the flat barbell bench press is 110 pounds.

CSCS Comprehensive Questions 3CSCS Comprehensive Question Set #2
Sam is a 17-year-old, male football linebacker. He is 6’ tall and weighs 190 pounds. Today is the first day of preseason conditioning so he will be performing a battery of tests to determine a baseline of his athletic ability. Today’s tests include the T-test, pro agility test, and hexagon test.

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CSCS Comprehensive Question Set #3
One of your football players, Tyrell, is performing the flat bench press. Tyrell is a 16 year old male, weighing 180 pounds at 70 inches tall. Tyrell says that his goal during the off-season is to increase his muscular power. Tyrell lowers the bar to his chest in a slow, controlled fashion and then lifts the bar to full extension as quickly as possible. His lifting cadence is approximately three seconds during the eccentric phase and about one second during the concentric phase. He pauses briefly at the end of the concentric phase of the lift, but there is no pause during the transition between the eccentric and concentric phases.

football classroomCSCS Comprehensive Question Set #4
Coach Kazlauskas, the head football coach of your college’s football team, comes into your office and says that his team is not eating well and he thinks it’s hindering their performance. The players are all on a school meal plan so they eat three meals a day in the school’s all-you-can-eat cafeteria. The problem is that they’re just choosing the foods that they like and not making good nutritional choices. Some guys are eating entire meals of fried chicken and other players are loading up on ice cream. Since the school has no budget for a sport nutritionist, he wants you to talk to his players about proper nutrition and to give the players and coaches a few answers to their various food and nutrition questions. Coach Kazlauskas gathered the entire team in a classroom near your office where they’ll be asking you questions about nutrition.

college volleyball girlCSCS Comprehensive Question Set #5
Seraphim is an 18-year-old, female athlete that will be starting in your college’s volleyball program this coming fall. From May through August, she will be staying on campus to participate in your strength and conditioning program. Although she was a great player in high school, Seraphim didn’t spend too much time on strength and conditioning and she focused most of her attention on perfecting her volleyball form. Because of this lack of strength and conditioning experience, you suspect that she needs to improve her strength, muscular endurance, and aerobic endurance. Seraphim is 5’10 and weighs 145 pounds.

CSCS Comprehensive Question Set #6
You are the head strength and conditioning coach of a large, Division I athletic program. It’s the middle of summer, but the football staff is hard at work, preparing for the upcoming season. You’re in the Athletic Director’s office, talking with him and the head football coach when you all stop to look at the television monitor in the AD’s office…

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