Hexagon Test Overview

Hexagon Test Overview

Hexagon Test Overview
Hexagon Test

Hexagon Test Notes:

  • A hexagon has six sides.
  • Each side of the hexagon is 24 inches long.
  • Each angle between lines is 120 degrees.
  • Use adhesive tape to mark the hexagon on the ground.
  • Staff required: one timer / recorder, one line judge.
  • Allow the athlete to practice the test at submaximal speed.
  • Athlete positions themselves in the middle of the hexagon before text starts.
  • Test is performed with double-leg hops.
  • Athlete hops back and forth as they progress in a clockwise direction around the hexagon.
  • Three revolutions are made around the hexagon (18 total jumps, according to NSCA textbook, however 2 jumps are made to clear each line of the hexagon making it 36 jumps total).
  • Athlete must face the same direction during the entire test.
  • Disqualification of athlete¬†for stepping on a line, losing balance and taking extra step, or changing the direction they are facing.
  • 3 trials performed.
  • Best time recorded to nearest 0.1 second.

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