2016.02.03 Strength Coach News

2016.02.03 Strength Coach News:

Crosby takes over S&C at Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, Virginia — Virginia Tech has just hired Anthony Crosby to be the senior director of football strength and conditioning. Crosby spent the past three seasons at Mississippi, where he was the assistant strength and conditioning coach for football. Crosby played football for Louisiana Tech and graduated in 2008.

Crosby also worked for two seasons with Boston College’s football program and held internships at Arizona State and Louisiana State. Crosby replaces Mike Gentry who retired this past year at the end of the football season. Gentry was the head of Virginia Tech’s football strength and conditioning for the past 29 years.

2016.02.03 Strength Coach News
Anthony Crosby

Virginia Tech

2016.02.03 Strength Coach News

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